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What is Pursuit?

Pursuit is a website where customers book adventure travel on private and public land. We provide customers with many recreation options (hunting, fishing, glamping, biking, hiking, etc.), and we help landowners grow a recreation business on their property.

Pursuit provides landowners the network of equipment rental companies, guides, instructors, caterers, etc. that customers need to enjoy your property, and we minimize your risk and workload in the process.


Amount landowners can make per week with Pursuit


Monetize your land in all 4 seasons

15 million

People getting outside to hunt

50 million

People getting outside to fish

160 million

People getting outside to recreate


The Process:

1. Fill out the form on this page.

2. We will discuss with you the recreation opportunities on your property.

3. You set your parameters, and Pursuit will coordinate and advertise the trips.

4. Host guests + receive your money.

Why Pursuit?

When you partner with Pursuit we create a revenue stream that maximizes your property's enjoyment value.

You set the rules, price, availability, and activities allowed. Pursuit can manage the rest!

PursuitOther companies
Multi-season, multi-activityYesNo
Can accommodate a wide range of guestsYesNo
Easy to work with other service providers, like guides and caterersYesNo
Layers of landowner protectionYesNo
Customizable and flexible trip optionsYesNo

What Does Pursuit Provide?


Insurance & Legal Assistance

No insurance, no tourism history, no legal documents to protect you? We’ve got you covered!


Revenue Streams

We provide you a customer storefront that turns on recreational revenue for your land.


Multi-Season Usage

Unlike other companies out there, we help you monetize your land across all seasons.


Flexibility That You Control

Set your own rates, dates, and land usage parameters.


Guest Management

We provide a platform to connect with guests and coordinate suppliers or vendor communications.


Land Assessment & Recommendations

Pursuit can provide recommendations for which activities your property could support and proper pricing.



"I have natural resources, like mountains, streams, ponds, wildlife, and solitude, and assets, like a guest house, that are in demand by people looking for unique high country experiences. I don't have the reach nor the time to find the people looking for these experiences or the time to guide them on all the experience possibilities. So, for me, it's a perfect match working with Pursuit. They do what I can't or won't do and I provide them with the fundamentals of the unique experiences."


Colorado Rancher

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make?
Our landowners are able to make money in various seasons because we offer various recreation options to customers. We've had landowners make more than $10,000 in a single week. For landowners with multiple recreation opportunities, it's possible to make $50,000 per year or more.

How does Pursuit protect me and my land?
Pursuit requires all guests to sign a legal release that protects you should an accident happen. Additionally, any rental equipment company or guide service must carry their own insurance to cover accidents on your property. Further, we have worked with insurance providers to find the best recreation insurance packages for a very reasonable price. Finally, our terms of service require guests to pay for damage they cause, and they stipulate that customers are responsible for their own actions.

What kind of activities should I offer?
Customers are looking for private space to enjoy with their friends, family, and business associates. Public lands can be crowded, so customers want space to hunt, fish, bike, hike, target shoot, ATV, ride horses, and generally, just enjoy. Pursuit can help you craft experiences and offer ideas if you'd like.

Can I limit the dates and set the rules on my property?
Of course! If there are dates you don’t want guests, if there are only certain activities you wish to offer, if there are behaviors you want to prohibit, or if there are other parameters you want to set, we’re happy to let you customize what’s offered and how. You set the rules and we will help enforce them.

Who manages the guests while they are on my property?
Pursuit will help you determine the best “host” for a trip. Often there is a guide, caterer, ranch employee, cleaning person, etc. that has both the time and skill to oversee the experience. Pursuit will also stay in close contact with the clients, you, the host, the guides, and the other service providers to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

What makes Pursuit different?
There are other companies that have tried individual components of what we do, but we are the first company (that we know of!) that can sell a family vacation, sell to new outdoorsmen that need guides and equipment, and sell to expert hunters and anglers that just need the raw land or water. As a result, you make more money, because we have access to a broader customer base and can sell your property in various seasons, not just one.

Who are the people behind Pursuit?
Founded by a group of friends [“(see full story here)” link to blog post], we’re a group of men and women that value rural communities and exposing urban people to the outdoors. Based in Denver, we’re a growing company that’s committed to supporting you.

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