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Pursuit has given me the freedom and ability to make my guiding career exactly what I hoped it would be. Being able to control my own schedule, pricing, and trip options has opened up so many possibilities, and lets me expand my working season. I am so excited to continue growing and building my career with Pursuit!

Paige W.

Fly Fishing Guide


I have natural resources, like mountains, streams, ponds, wildlife, and solitude, for starters... and assets, like a guest house, that are in demand by people for unique high country experiences. I don’t have the reach nor the time to find the people looking for these experiences or the time to guide them on all the experience possibilities. So, for me, it’s a perfect match working with Pursuit. They do what I can’t or won’t do and I provide them with the fundamentals of the unique experiences.

Garth B.

Ranch Owner


I do a ton of research for trips, and its very hard to find a remote place that is so easily accessible, and having the guides set up is amazing!

Kevin S.

Early Customer

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